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>What is Tulip Audio about? <
Our business concept involves 25+ years of experience in high-performance audio, being: manufacturing - designing - constructing - distributing - consultancy - modifying - research & development - selling. A unique combination of factors that makes Tulip Audio unrivalled in the audio industry. Audio reproduction on the highest level is an art form we like to support firmly and we like to stimulate the inquiring mind of audiophiles worldwide.
> What happens after I have made my payment? <
When your payment is received by Tulip Audio we will inform you by e-mail using our '1-2-3 step TA Order Process' system. You will be informed in detail on the progress of your order in 3 steps. Step-1: Confirmation by e-mail your payment has been received by Tulip Audio. Step-2: We will inform you by e-mail your order is made ready for transport. Step-3: We will inform you by e-mail your order is shipped out incl. sending you all shipping details for your order, these shipping details can used to follow your shipment to it's destination.
> What payment methods does Tulip Audio accept? <
1) We accept a bank transfer or international bank transfer using BIC/IBAN/SWIFT (our preferred and safest method of payment); bank details will be sent to you by e-mail after we have recieved your order.
2) We accept PayPal
3) We accept iDEAL
> Does Tulip Audio store client information on it's website? < 
Tulip Audio only stores address information on our server. We do not store sensitive data like credit-card numbers or bank account numbers on our server. Address data that is stored at our server is very well protected.
> Can I visit Tulip Audio to collect my order? <
In principle no, because Tulip Audio is a webshop only. Please understand that the webshop concept makes it possible to offer you lower prices and a large products program to choose from.
> What if I am interested in a product that is not listed on the Tulip Audio website? <
You can send us an e-mail at if you are interested in a non-listed product. Our program is much larger than what is displayed on this website.
> How does Tulip Audio send and deliver my order? <
By default we use our shipping agent DPD to deliver your order. However we will always choose the best shipping method available for your order. All orders send by Tulip Audio are send registered and insured. Tulip Audio takes great care in packaging your order, if needed shipments will be custom fortified by us.
> Are your products offered at Tulip Audio new? <
All products offered at Tulip Audio are brand new / factory fresh / original products and come in their original factory packaging, unless stated otherwise on our website.
> How can your prices be lower than elsewhere? <
Because Tulip Audio is a webshop company satisfied with lower margins and in the end we are able to win the initial loss back by higher volumes. But most important: we run an ultra sharp business keeping running costs at an absolute minimum.
>You do not always offer the manufacturers full program, why is that? < 
Tulip Audio in principle only sells products we want to support. But also note that our website is constantly updated with new products.
If you feel we should list a particular product or brand on our website we invite you to mail us and share your views.
>Being a webshop can I contact Tulip Audio for consultancy/advice? < 
We like to encourage audiophiles to listen, read, think and form their own opinions rather than rely on our advice or for that matter audio reviews from well known magazines. However in some cases advice may be helpful and you can contact us at for any questions you might have about the products we offer.